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NOTE: I'm doing a special offer if you want both the new book & the CD. You're free to order Skeeter & Bil Break the Ocean today, but you may want to pre-order the set. I don't have an exact date on the arrivail of the book but it should be in the next few weeks.


Description? See the title. Skeeter & Bil Break the Ocean... or at least they are led believe they have. Bil's Grosspapa tends to tell the boys little untruths and this is the mother of all little lies.

Also- The oral version of my new kid's book The Princess and the Pickup Truck (available in book form soon!)

And finally I've gotten a good recording of... Daddy Dog Killer, a hilarious story about being unmericfully questioned by my kids about a dog that crossed the road.  


The Princes & the Pickup Truck (7.43)

Daddy Dog Killer (7.05)

Skeeter & Bil Break the Ocean (37.02)

Trick or Treat (9.11)


Skeeter & Bil Break the Ocean

  • Gimmie a minute. It'll be real soon.

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