After 19 years, August House has let this CD, my first, go out of stock. They won't be reprinting it. I have plans for these stories though, and will get them available again in the near future. Thanks so much to Ted Parkhurst and the then August House crew who took a chance on an unknown kid from West Virginia.


Recorded and Released in 1999 Stories: There Stands a Bridge • The Seventh Second • Johan-The Real Story • Buck Ain’t No Ordinary Dog • The Monster Stick’s Last Ride



Buck Meets Monster Stick

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"The Princess and the Pickup perfect for princesses who prefer hiking boots." -LA Parenting Magazine

2019 NAPPA Award Winner From The National Assoc. of Parenting Publications.

Rough and Tumble Royalty

There are many quirky versions of The Princess and the Pea, but this one felt like it owned it's spot on the shelf. There is a solid ... voice to the telling of the tale ... We can imagine some teachers, librarians, parents reading this book... The illustrations are appropriately homespun, quirky-isn folk art and a fine match for the story. --The National Assoc. of Parenting Publications