“Muddling Through: Perspectives on Parenting, #2 on Amazon’s Kindle Parenting list, is a somewhat skewed, but often insightful and hilarious take on parenting. Though written from a dad’s point of view, this book will be useful to anyone engaging in the parenting arts. Dealing with everything from conversations to faith to fishing to making yellow snowman cookies (yes, you read that right) this book will help you get through the day. Unlike most parenting books, Muddling Through also offers advice for your kids on how to deal with parents. Your whole family can read and enjoy this book together (there’s even a chapter on reading together!). Endorsed by Absolutely Mindy of Kid’s Place Live, Muddling Through is the book for you and your family.”

Muddling Through


    "The Princess and the Pickup Truck...is perfect for princesses who prefer hiking boots." -LA Parenting Magazine

    2019 NAPPA Award Winner From The National Assoc. of Parenting Publications.

    Rough and Tumble Royalty

    There are many quirky versions of The Princess and the Pea, but this one felt like it owned it's spot on the shelf. There is a solid ... voice to the telling of the tale ... We can imagine some teachers, librarians, parents reading this book... The illustrations are appropriately homespun, quirky-isn folk art and a fine match for the story. --The National Assoc. of Parenting Publications